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 world / folk / punk

It all started with a poem.  An apology.  Like an afterthought sidewalk on a forgotten road near nowhere, some impatient words were desperately put onto paper. More like scribbled prayers, they ran around in circles until they made sense.  And for some reason they did.  In this unfair world of cancer and traffic lights, molds and overdoses, bad teachers and drunk drivers, such nonsense should've been thrown away.  But it wasn't.  Because it's unfair.  And so a melody was created for them.  Like a blanket wrapping the words in its breathtaking vigor it gave them life.  Forever restless, the music and words twirled onto life's dance floor, breathing energy into whatever they touched.  Inspiring others to dance with them.  And so they did.  And they called it song.  And in the background laughter arose, intoxicating those within earshot to instinctively pass it on.  And the wind was made up of sighs of relief.  And the foot tapping dancers sounded like thunder.  Or rain on rooftops.  And the beat played on as the sun arose and sank again.  And everyone danced again into the stormy night.  Everyone but her.  Whom the poem had been written for.

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Actually I lied.  It was a girl.  A lady. That's how it all started.  I looked like a wet rat.  And felt like an unanswered prayer.  There was no chance for forgiveness.   So I wrote it all down.  Why you should forgive people like me.  Cause we are good.  Our hearts/minds are just... well... sick.  And others chimed in.  "We are heartsick too!" they cried.  And then there was music and dancing.  And they sang along to our song.

 Sai U Drom reaches around the world and across time to create a unique world/folk/punk hybrid style that blends elements of Romani music, Irish and Russian folk, punk, and metal.  The band originated in Saratoga Springs, NY after a terrible life hangover.  After a couple of years cultivating a respectable fan-base, the band uprooted and planted its flag in Burlington, VT.  There they added a few new members and a larger following playing in venues across the Northeast. Eventually, Sai U Drom moved to Minneapolis, MN where, after a hiatus, the band has resided for the last several years playing out and recording new music. 

The songs are based upon poetry turned folk songs written by one of its members.   Live SAI U DROM can have anywhere from 7-10 members.


In 2010 "Songs of Hope and Death" was reluctantly released as fans wanted an actual album.  The album was patched together from live recordings and studio sessions from the past several years, It was available online but sold mostly at shows. 

In 2017 Sai U Drom released "in other words" which was a compilation of 19 songs recorded over the past 6 yearsincluding better recordings of the songs on "Songs of Hope and Death".

"In other words" featured 15  musicians from around the US including the band line up in 2017. It's running theme "Ghosts" was a dedication to the various members and friends who had died.

In the fall of 2019 SAI U DROM released: "The Gaslight Masquerade". 

"The Gaslight Masquerade" features 6 songs and is considered by the band to be their greatest work.  Songs range in topic from social and political observations to lust, love, and sex on the beach.

The current line up:

Ben Weeks, Dylan Emelianoff, CrystaLynn Valkarie, Natalie McCann, Tracy Cook.

Additional Members: Christian Juan Kuffner, Kat Morgan,

Past members live and recorded: 

Nichole Abbot, Miluska Judge-Becker, Eric Matson, Shane Smith, Tim Neimic, Jeremy Gartner, Aram Emelianoff, Margaret Turner, Tim Lang, Mike Powers, Matt Overstreet, Eric Donovan, Andrew Hassenger, Elijah Hargrave, Stacy Campbell, Ronze, V Mercy, Andrew Selvig, Dave Putvain